Your Outsourcing Partner 

We are the business partner committed to the growth of your business.


Every job outsourced to us is handled with the utmost attention it deserves.


We offer a free consultation to discuss the needs and solutions.



We offer outsourcing services in the following areas:


Customer Service

Contact Center & Answering Service

                     We handle your voice, chat, inquiries and customer care. Our customer service champions have vast experience and will handle your customers as our own. 


Order Management

                           As you grow, we can handle your orders, process them and ensure payments in an orderly                                       process. Our mandate to you is accuracy and timeliness. Your growth needs not be stressful. You can focus on products and sales without worry.  



                          For any business, the to-do list can be lengthy. Accounting needs not be on that list. We key                             in data in a secure format for easy reporting. We are experts in Quick Books, MS Excel & MS Access.


Cost Savings



Management Team

Kenneth Kimani

Mercy Wagema

Our Management team has over 8 years of corporate work experience in the United States in the areas of Operations Management, Finance and Customer Service and over 15 years of business experience in Nairobi, Kenya. They also possess an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA.


They have worked in Telecoms, Rental Car Industry, Outsourcing Industry, Banking, Utility Contractors Industry among others.


They have achieved exponential growth in all their previous engagements and they are passionate about giving back to the community. They are up to the task of serving our clients in the best way possible by ensuring timely and quality delivery as well as continuous improvement. 


About us


We are a Social Enterprise based in Kenya.


Our Mission is to strive for excellence in servicing our client's needs while addressing our community's needs.


Our Vision is to be the outsourcing partner of choice globally based on delivery of quality and personalized service as well as transformative impact.


Our Values are: Excellence, Integrity and Love for others.



In response to the high unemployment rate in Kenya, we have incorporporated a Youth Empowerment Program as part of our business model. We recruit highly qualified university graduates in terms of skills and experience but who also have the right skills and experience to work on our client's projects. 


We offer these aspiring entreprenuers temporary part time work with pay while equiping them with skills in Entreprenuership, Leadership and Innovation at no cost on their part. 


Once they complete the mentorship program, we provide support during transition to business start up. Our goal is that they will be in a position to create employment for others as their businesses grow. 


A seamless transition is imperative on our end to maintain the output consistency for our clients. As a result the aspiring entreprenuers transition one by one in the course of six months as we train and replace them with new recruits. 


The result is a win win. Our clients get high quality work at an affordable rate while the unemployed youth gain training and startup capital from the savings of their earnings. 


Every job you outsource gives a potential entreprenuer an opportunity to save start up capital, obtain free business mentorship and start their own small business. you outsource to us gives a potential entreprenuer an opportunity to save  

How does your business benefit from this partnership?


Cost Savings:

Our rates are affordable due to the differences in exchange rates. You will find great savings from this partnership accelerating your business growth.


Quality of Service:

We strive for excellence. We have an unparalled commitment to make sure we represent you in the best way possible. If there's a better way to do the job, we will find it.



We take all projects available big or small. We embrace change as part of business and are able to tailor our services to meet the changing needs of your business.




Need to talk to us?

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++254 739 885105



Park Building, 401. Off Limuru Rd, Nairobi, Kenya.




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In the ever-evolving landscape of business, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a transformative force. This technological wave prompts us to contemplate its impact on traditional business practices, particularly the widespread phenomenon of outsourcing. The question that looms large is: Will AI replace outsourcing or will the two coexist in a symbiotic relationship?


Outsourcing, a strategic practice embraced by businesses globally has long been lauded for its ability to cut costs, provide access to specialized skills, and streamlining operations. However, the rise of AI introduces a new dynamic to this landscape, challenging the traditional outsourcing paradigm.


Advancements in AI technology have ushered in an era of unprecedented automation, data analytics and decision making capabilities. Tasks that were outsourced for efficiency are now being handled by AI systems with remarkable speed and precision. This prompts re-evaluation of the role outsourcing will take on.


The relationship between AI and outsourcing is not necessarily one of strict competition. In many instances, AI complements outsourcing by enhancing productivity and reducing errors. Routine and repetitive tasks are efficiently handled by AI, allowing human workers to focus on more complex and creative aspects of their roles. 


However, challenges persist. The integration of AI raises concerns about job displacement, ethical considerations, and the security of sensitive information. Striking the real balance between AI and human involvement is crucial to address these challenges and to ensure the responsible deployment of these technologies.


While AI excels in tasks that require speed and precision, it struggles to replicate the nuanced qualities of the human workforce such as creativity, empathy, and complex problem - solving. Businesses must recognize and leverage these unique human qualities in areas where AI falls short.


The future relationship between AI and outsourcing is poised for a dynamic evolution. Businesses will need to adopt a strategic and nuanced approach, embracing the strengths of both AI and outsourcing. Flexibility and adaptability will be key as industries navigate this transformative period. 


In conclusion, the question of whether AI will replace outsourcing is complex. Rather than an autright replacement, we are witnessing a recalibration of the role each plays in the business ecosystem. As businesses navigate this evolving landscape, strategic decision making that maximizes the benefits of both AI and outsourcing will be paramount for success.